And who Knew?

THIS charming little lad is Rancis Fluggerbutter, one of the playable characters in the hit racing game, Sugar Rush. Rancis is a racing denizen of the game, and one of Vannelope’s racing rivals. He’s also only one of four boys in the entire game! When we first meet Rancis, he’s stuck up, jerky and somewhat vain. Luckily, he changes along with the other players at the end of the film. Besides Vannelope, Rancis is my second favorite Sugar Rush racer! He reminds me of my own character, Kevin, whom I’ve posted on here before. In fact, all of the Sugar Rush racers remind me of Kender, and they all live in Candyland, which Kevin and Bubbles and Tass and Shelby would surely approve of! I like the giff of Rancis admiring his own grinning refection in the mirror, and his “I’m sooo sorry! I’m-a  gonna die!” look in the last pic. “Oh noes! Vaqnnelope’s gonna execute meee!” There’s some Rancis merchandise out there, I’m totes gonna snag me some, like the action figure/race car, the sticker, and yes…the Rancis plushie! I’m also gonna buy Wreck-It-Ralph, Fix-It Felix Jr, and, of course, first and foremost, Vannelope!

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