And who Knew?

So after my last post (which was kinda sad) I thought I’d cheer you all up with someone happy. =) THIS little lady is Ms. Vannelope von Schweetz, from the popular racing game, Sugar Rush! Vannelope here, is just the sweetest, cutest, most irrepressible little raggamuffin you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. She’s the co-star of Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph, which I am so pleased to say I have seen at last, and this kid literally steals the show! Nothing gets her down, she’s always looking on the sweet side of life, and of her big buddy Ralph, and she sees the best in life, determined to win her victory and look cute while doing it. Seriously. I think Vannelope is my most favorite Disney character ever. If ya haven’t seen Wreck-It-Ralph, do it! Watch it, cherish the fun, and the FEELS! :)

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