And who Knew?

The Unknown Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park: Apatosaurus. Apatosaurus is a confusing beast. Originally, it was named, classified and called Apatosaurus, however, it was also re-named “Brontosaurus.” This name wasn’t correct however, as the type specimen and species had originally been classified as Apatosaurus. “Brontosaurus” however, stuck as a name, and an entire generation of children and paleo-buffs grew up with it. Today we call it Apatosaurus. Originally it was even put together incorrectly with a Camarasaurus skull! In the novel Jurassic Park, it is Apatosaurus the visitors first meet on Isla Nublar and not Brachiosaurus as in the film. Beautiful, long necked and graceful, Apatosaurus really makes a big impression in the Jurassic Park franchise and the fossil record!

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